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Merchant Coordinator:
Tarmach ben Yehuda al-Khazari (Richard Mandel)

Merchant space at RUM will be in the Social Hall of the Church. As this is where breakfast and lunch are being provided, a flow of potential customers will be thus ensured during the day.

Standard eight-foot tables are available, at $5 per table. Base merchant fee will be $5, in addition to your site fee, and includes one table (if you prefer to bring your own table, you still pay the base merchanting fee).

See the Registration page for information on how to register.

Please note: There are ten wide steps leading down to the merchants area, and no elevator. We will be creating two short-term parking spaces in front of the hall’s doors, strictly for off-loading and loading. It is also our intent to have at least two people available to assist merchants with load-out/load-in.


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