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Next year's Midrealm Bardic Madness will take place November 15 in the Shire of Ravenslake (mundanely, the Lake Villa IL, area, north of Chicago).


The Seventh Bardic Roundhouse has been scheduled for June 13-15, in Alderford. Watch for more news as it becomes available.


We're looking for a location for the next CZ. Contact Llywelyn if you want to volunteer your place.



Take up the Gorsedd Challenge!

Welcome to Gorsedd, the community of bards in northern Oaken, Middle Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

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Gorsedd welcomes performers of all types, from traditional singer-songwriter-poets and instrumentalists to physical performers such as dancers, fire-breathers and magicians.Those who simply want to watch and listen are welcome to join us as well.

Although the focus of our activities is in northern Oaken (the Baronies of Brendoken, The Cleftlands, and Red Spears; and the Shires of Castell Gwent, Eastwatch, Falcon's Quarry, Oakford, and Rivenvale) we have members from outside our region as well.

On these pages you will find our works, our inspirations, and our activities, as well as a link to join our mailing list.

We sponsor bardic activities at all local events, and also host Bardic Roundhouse, a three-day get-together, and Comfort Zone, a series of evening bardic circles.

To join in the ongoing converation, please join the Yahoo group: